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Health is about more than the absence of disease. It's a state of vitality that gives you the freedom to be who you are.

Many systems of care stop after finding a way to relieve symptoms, an approach that does little to address the underlying reasons people become ill and that makes way for the return of illness in more severe forms. Part of what makes our clinic unique is that we have a different understanding of what care should be.

At Remède, we're committed to helping you achieve a state of vitality and have developed an approach focused on addressing the underlying cause of your health concerns. The Three Elements ApproachTM is exclusive to Remède and stands at the center of your personalized wellness plan.

what are the Three ElementsTM?
The Three ElementsTM are essential components in achieving and maintaining a state of wellness. They are the building blocks of health. Each must be considered both in tandem with the other two elements and in the context of the individual person.

prevent prevent
Prevention is an important part of every wellness plan. It involves giving yourself the nutritional and emotional support you need to stay healthy. And it's about empowering yourself to stay well by avoiding the lifestyle, dietary, and environmental factors that contribute to the onset of illness.

It's also important, however, to think of prevention in disease states, where progression or development of your condition will result in further harm to or degeneration of your body. At Remède, working to strengthen your body and to understand the triggers that promote disease is an important part of your wellness plan.

balance balance
Balance is a dynamic, lifelong process that describes the means of maintaining wellness in the face of the day-to-day tolls and pressures that affect your choices and your health.

Balance is not about being rigid, never feeling stressed, or not savoring life. It's about listening to your body and recognizing when it feels over-drawn; it's about understanding how to gently bring yourself back into equilibrium before disease states occur.

From a clinical standpoint, many people who are frustrated by symptoms, like fatigue, that haven't been attributed to a specific disease, are suffering from physiological imbalances. If left unchecked, imbalances such as these can lead to more serious disease states.

At Remède, we help you understand what it feels like to be in balance, how to listen to your body, and how to move back toward the ideal. We are your body's resource.

restore restore
Restoration is the process through which we reestablish your body's ability to heal itself. Genetic factors, exposure to environmental toxins or other stressors can create obstacles that impede the body's ability to establish a natural equilibrium. Naturopathic medicine seeks to identify and remove these obstacles so that healing can occur.

In order for your body to be healthy and vital, each cell needs to be able to receive the proper nutrition, eliminate waste, and be in communication with the rest of your body. An obstacle to health arises if there is a blockage that prevents one of these vital functions from occurring.

At Remède, we spend time uncovering and addressing these obstacles to health. Using a variety of therapies, ranging from detoxification to European biological medicine, our goal is to reestablish your body's innate ability to heal itself.

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