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... is the basis of the Three Elements ApproachTM, an exclusive methodology that stands at the core of our wellness plans

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Welcome to Remède Naturopathics, a new kind of clinic for alternative medicine. We are a dedicated team of naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists and massage therapists who work together, combining research and clinical expertise to offer you effective, personalized, natural health solutions and a standard of care you can trust.

Remède Naturopathics has a unique approach to health and healing, offering you a team approach to wellness. Working together, we take the time to understand your unique health concerns and develop personalized wellness plans that combine the most effective science-based therapies to help you feel and stay well. As a team, we specialize in women's and pediatric health concerns. Our clinicians have additional areas of expertise serving people with a wide range of health concerns.

Our clinicians specialize in the following fields: naturopathic medicine, nutrition, orthomolecular medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy, detoxification, Chinese medicine and acupuncture (including needle-free acupuncture for children), Swedish and deep tissue massage, pre-natal massage, labor support and infant massage. Remède Naturopathics offers programs in detoxification and cleansing, smoking cessation, pregnancy preparation, weight loss and athletic performance.

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Community Clinic for Artists

Our community clinic offers comprehensive alternative care for artists, including naturopathic medicine and acupuncture. Reduced rate naturopathic medicine consultations are offered on Wednesdays. Acupuncture sessions are offered weekly on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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